Bormio summer 2020

Price from 493 €

Direct contact with nature
Greenery of forests, pastures and meadows; the blue of the sky, the clear waters of alpine lakes, rivers and streams; white summer ski resorts Stelvio, perennial snow and glaciers.

You can go on a trip to Stelvio National Park and try to spot some species of animals. You can face the bike with an epic climb or on macadam paths. Horseback riding is also possible. You will awaken direct contact with nature. You can try fishing, rock climbing or experiencing the excitement of Husky Trekking. There is also the possibility of skating, for those looking for a little refreshment from the heat.

We offer relaxation in thermal baths, aesthetic treatment or massage. Excursion by motorcycle or car on the surrounding roads and stairs, open only in summer.

Genuine tastes and culture
In summer we have a desire for authentic flavors and a pleasant lunch, perhaps during an alpine festival, at a village festival or in an alpine refuge with a beautiful plate of pizzochers, with freshly picked mushrooms and a glass of wine.

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